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Brick Types

We sell Brick, Brick Veneer, Fire Brick & more to residents throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Los Banos CA, Selma CA, Dinuba CA, Salinas CA, Delano CA, Santa Maria CA, Sacramento, and more.

Brick has been a popular building material for centuries. Valued for its strength and beauty, it is always in vogue. There are many different kinds of brick for nearly any project. The variety of styles and colors available allow this material to appeal to a wide range of tastes from rustic to modern.


Brick can be used for commercial buildings, residences, outdoor living spaces and roads. Each kind of brick has a distinct personality. We offer you a wide selection of full brick, thin brick, fire brick, bullnose brick, safety grip brick and used reclaimed brick.

Homeowners can visit our huge stone yard full of different types & styles of bricks to find the perfect option for their upcoming project. Contractors & construction companies can turn to us for the best selection of landscaping materials including brick, brick veneer, split brick & more at very competitive prices. Stop by and speak with our experts and we’ll point you in the right direction to complete your home improvement project.

Full Size Brick

Full size brick is usually made from fired clay. When you think of brick, this is most likely what immediately comes to mind. It is the most common kind that has numerous commercial and residential uses. Typically, standard bricks are 8” long, 2 ½” tall and 3 ¾” deep. They can be used for traditional and contemporary designs.

Split Brick

Split brick is longer and thinner than standard brick. The dimensions are typically 9” long, 4 ½” tall and 1 ¼” deep. Regular split brick is meant to be used for paving pathways, patios and roads. Split fire brick is also available which has similar dimensions but is used to line fireplaces, fireplace inserts and wood stoves.

Thin Brick

Veneer brick or thin brick is slimmer than standard brick, typically its standard dimensions are 8” long, 2 ½” tall and ½” deep. Thin brick is used for exterior and interior walls. It allows you to add the charm of brick to commercial buildings and homes with less labor required.

Fire Brick

Fire brick has been designed to endure high temperatures. It can be used for barbecue pits, pizza ovens, fireplaces and other fire features.

Bullnose Brick & Safety Grip Brick

Bullnose brick and safety brick are two other kinds of coping. Bullnose brick has rounded edges on one or all sides that make attractive soft edges for stairs, walls and sills. Safety grip is similar to bullnose brick, the main difference is that it has been designed to be thinner and provide a safer grip for you and your family when getting out of your pool.

Used Brick

When historical brick streets and buildings are demolished, many of the original used bricks are still in good condition. Instead of dumping these antique bricks in landfills, they are salvaged. These recycled bricks can be used to create beautiful new architectural structures.


We offer the largest variety of colors and styles of each type of brick at affordable prices. Stop by our supply yard to view our full selection or speak to one of our staff members.

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