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Landscaping Sand / Gravel / Crushed Stone / Pebbles

We sell Landscaping Sand & Gravel for clients from the Bay area and CA coast to the Sierra Nevada Mountains including Fresno, Visalia CA, Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA, Monterey CA, Carmel CA, Salinas CA, and more.


When it comes transforming or upgrading your outdoor spaces, choosing the right sand and gravel can make all the difference. The right sand can improve your soil quality and drainage while the right gravel can add personality and reduce water usage in a hot, arid climate.


Whether you are mixing concrete, laying pavers, improving soil, building a golf course, or creating a fun entertaining area for children, we offer a wide selection of sand. Customers can find sand plaster sand, fill sand and masonry sand at our large landscape supply yard. Each type of sand has a difference appearance and coarseness, so it helps to speak with our knowledgeable professionals to find exactly the type of sand you need to complete your project.

Gravel / Crushed Rock

Besides simply adding aesthetic value to your landscape & yard, gravel has many practical uses. Gravel is often used in paver installation and as the base of retaining walls. Some types of gravel can also be used underneath golf course greens, in dog runs or dog parks, as concrete subgrade and for pipe bedding or drainage. We offer Base Gravel, Pea Gravel, Drainage Rock, White Rock, Red Lava Gravel, Crushed Rock, Mexican Beach Pebble, Black Sand and more. Our thirty plus years of experience, huge selection and great prices has made us a favorite in the greater Fresno area. We work with residential clients & commercial contractors. Whether you have a small landscaping project or are working on a full outdoor renovation, stop by our supply yard to view our wide selection of sand and gravel. Our professional & friendly staff will direct you to the best options and help you select the right quantity that will perfectly complete your project or job.

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