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Manufactured Stone / Artifical Stone / Cultured Stone

We sell Manufactured Stone, Cultured Stone & Artificial Stone to residents & contractors in Central & Southern California, from Fresno to Sacramento and towns like Visalia CA, Tulare CA, Coalinga CA, Mendota CA and the entire Bay area.

Manufactured stone—also known as faux stone, cultured stone, stacked stone and artificial stone—is an attractive and affordable alternative to natural stone. Skillfully shaped, colored and textured, the high-quality manmade stone we offer is barely distinguishable from natural stone while offering more benefits.

Artificial stone is less expensive and significantly lighter weight than natural stone which eliminates the cost of footers or wall ties and reduces the cost of shipping. Additionally, it offers you more color consistency, a wider variety, and simpler & faster installation. It is no surprise that fake stone is becoming a popular choice for commercial and residential construction and remodeling projects in California. Stacked stone has become increasingly popular as well since it is a unique three-dimensional veneer composed of cut stone pieces that are attached to a backing and are easily installed in modules like tile.

The manufacturers that we partner with–Eldorado Stone, Coronado Stone, Veneer Stone and Cultured Stone–fabricate their stone by pouring lightweight concrete or aggregate into molds shaped like real stone. When removed from these molds, each stone is expertly textured and colored. It can be used to cover interior and exterior walls, columns and facia. It is an excellent option for refacing landscape walls, building façades, fireplaces, chimneys, wine cellars, bars and pillars.

Homeowners: Make sure to visit us to find the perfect texture, color & look of manufactured stone for your project. If you are building a new home, addition, wall, walkway or patio, we can advise you on the right material and quantity you will need. If you are using a contractor to complete the work, you can scope out your favorite materials then send your contractor to us to buy exactly what you want.

Contractors: We are known as the best “manufactured stone” yard for contractors thanks to our wide selection of manufactured stone is perfect for everything from residential/commercial construction to smaller landscaping projects or masonry jobs. We are truly a one stop shop that caters to the professional mason, landscape contractor or construction company. Feel free to send clients in so they can choose the style & look of manufactured stone they want to use for their project.

Whether you are hunting for coin corners to add more drama to a stucco home or looking for the right manufactured stone veneer or stacked stone to transform the façade of a restaurant, we can help you find the stone that is perfect for your project. With four top brands to choose from, we provide you with the largest selection of quality manufactured stone in the Valley. To view our full selection, stop by one of our locations or contact one of our sales representatives for a brochure.

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