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Landscape Materials / Soil / Rock / Bark

We provide a wide variety of landscaping materials including soil, rock, & mulch to residents and contractors throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco and Santa Barbara to Sacramento including Clovis CA, Visalia CA, Monterey CA, Concoran CA, Turlock CA and more.

We offer a large selection of landscape materials including Bark, River Rock, Top Soil, Humus, Planter’s Mix and more. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial contractor finishing a large construction or landscaping project or a DIY homeowner that is on a mission to create the perfect backyard oasis, we have exactly what you need to complete the job. If you are searching for a great selection, at great prices, with friendly & helpful service, look no further. Here’s a list of some of our most popular landscape materials that we stock at our huge supply & stone yard:


Whether you are adding topsoil to give your garden nutrients to help them flourish or leveling out uneven lawns, the right topsoil can make all the difference. We have a wide selection of sandy loam soil that is used to dress the top layer of your lawn and fill in low spots to give your garden & yard a perfectly landscaped appearance. We have the topsoil you need to get you the results you want.

River Rock

River rock is a smart way to add beauty and character to your lawn without adding extra plant life. These sedimentary rocks have been smoothed by glacial waters & shifting streams, giving each piece different mineral grains and veins that add unique character. The color and shape vary between each individual stone making them one-of-a-kind. From major landscaping projects to small garden improvements, we have a huge selection of river rock to get the job done.

Natural Bark

Natural bark, or mulch, is a low-maintenance and valuable landscaping tool that acts as more than just a decorative feature. It also keeps soil cooler during the hot summer months and insulates soil during the cold winter months. This reduces the amount of water that can evaporate, making it a valuable addition that can reduce water usage during hot, arid summers. Check out our supply of natural bark & mulch for all of your landscaping & gardening needs.

Rubber Bark

Recently, Rubber Bark & Rubber Mulch has become an extremely popular choice for gardens, parks, and landscaping projects. This environmentally friendly alternative to natural bark can reduce your carbon footprint by 6% and is made from recycled tires. Stop by our landscape supply yard to find a number of rubber bark products to help you complete your residential or commercial project.

Red Nitrous Humus

Humus, the rich sweet-smelling soil, is ideal for plant growth, especially when mixed with nitrogen. Since nitrogen, the building block of plant growth, is leached from soil over time, Nitro Humus is the perfect option for rick, luxurious gardens. Nitro Humus is nitrogen enriched humus soil that invigorates plant growth in the initial stages. We have a wide selection of Nitrous Humus, including Red Nitrous Humus which is a beneficial natural bark that has neutral PH and low levels of salt.

Planter’s Mix

Planters mix is a soil blend that consists of peat moss, compost and fertilizers mixed with top soil. It is used in ground planters and flower pots, and even in flower beds & vegetable gardens. It is excellent for improving water retention, especially in planters and pots where evaporation happens more quickly. If you want to start a new garden or improve the quality of your sod, visit our landscaping supply yard to check out our wide selection of Planter’s Mix.

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