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Natural Flagstone

We sell Natural Flagstone & landscape supplies to clients throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Santa Maria CA, Monterey CA, Sacramento, and more.

Incorporating flagstone into your landscaping is an excellent way to augmenting the beauty of your yard or extend your living space outdoors. Flagstone is a lovely, thin stone that is a popular choice for patios, floors, walls, walkways and driveways. It also excellent works wonderfully for landscaping borders.

Similar to concrete and brick pavers, flagstone is ideal for California because it adjusts to shifts in the earth making it less likely to crack or become distorted by seismic tremors. If a stone is stained or damaged, it is relatively simple to replace. Replacing a stained or damaged flagstone is significantly less expensive than having to repave your patio or walkway.


Another benefit of using flagstone is that it is easy to install yourself. If you are planning to take on a DYI home improvement project by adding a walkway or patio to your home, flagstone will be easy to work with. With proper planning, a few simple tools and the right materials, you can extend your living space or transform your driveway.


We offer a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors to choose from so that you can find the right fit for your project. Like all natural stone, each stone has a slightly different tone and texture which makes every flagstone project unique. Since the texture and color of flagstone varies so much, it is best to come in and view it yourself. We offer a quick delivery service to bring it to you once you’ve found the right fit.

Thanks to our large selection of flagstone, we have become a popular place to shop for materials to complete everything from new builds, additions, walkways & patios, walls and more. We cater to homeowners & contractors alike. It doesn’t matter if you are a DIY gardener or a professional construction company, you’ll find exactly what you need to get your big or small job done right.

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