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Natural Stone / Boulders / Landscape Rocks

We supply Natural Stone, Boulders, and Cobbles for residents and contractors throughout California from the Coastline to the Mountains including Fresno, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Santa Maria CA, Monterey CA, Sacramento, and more.


Natural stones, crushed stone, river rock, large stepping stones & rocks are a great way to accent your landscape or add unique character to a construction project. Stone in its natural form can be a focal point, floor, wall, seating area, or even made into a fountain, waterfall or pond feature with the right stone fabrication. Larger stones can provide a natural flavor to a landscaped yard with thoughtful placement, while a crushed stone or river rock border can accentuate garden beds turning them into the life of your outdoor space. Natural stone is arguably the most versatile element available for landscape makeovers. Rocks & natural stone formations add texture and contrast, and serve as a durable groundcover. Since they require little or no maintenance, they are extremely popular in arid Californian climates.


We carry a variety of beautiful natural stone in a wide range of forms.

Whether you are going for a formal garden or tropical paradise appeal, stop by our stone yard to browse a large selection of natural stone. Homeowners working with contractors can visit our stone yard to pick out their favorite crushed rock material or natural stones, then send in their contractors to do the rest. Professional masons, construction companies & landscapers love our huge selection of materials, great prices & fast delivery. We even cater to DIY homeowners and offer tips & advice for getting a desired look and feel. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a small garden feature, landscaping or building a brand new building, you are sure to find natural stones in the colors, textures, and sizes necessary to complete your project.

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