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Pavers Types / Split Pavers / Brick Pavers / Concrete Pavers

We sell Pavers & other landscaping supplies to residents & commercial contractors throughout Central California, in towns like Fresno, Kerman CA, Selma CA, Hanford CA, Chowchilla CA, Santa Clarita CA, Bakersfield CA, Turlock CA, and more!

Pavers allow you to extend the comfort of your home outdoors and transform your yard into a place where memories are made. Give your driveway old world charm or create a relaxing patio with beautiful pavers.

The versatility, durability and attractiveness of pavers are what make them a smart choice for homeowners. Stronger and more flexible than concrete or asphalt pavement, brick and concrete pavers are a perfect alternative for driveways and walk ways. Pavers are also an excellent option for pool areas, patios and other spaces that extend your living area outside.

pavers for patio

In California, where seismic distortions and cracking are a risk, brick and concrete pavers are an especially good option because they adjust to shifts in the earth. Their flexibility saves you from expensive future maintenance costs. Unlike asphalt or concrete pavement, if a paving stone is stained or damaged you can replace it without needing to repave an entire area. Concrete pavers also can have a significantly higher load bearing capacity than standard concrete slabs (some can bear nearly 4 times the weight). Along with these benefits, using pavers can reduce your installation costs since they are easy to install yourself.

We work hard to offer you the best deals on high quality pavers. We have a large selection for you to choose from including our line of Clovis Architectural Stone precast concrete pavers and a wide selection of brick and concrete pavers from trusted brands. Our selection of brick pavers includes split pavers too.

Homeowners visit our huge stone yard to find the perfect pavers to complete their project. From walkways to patios, you can find quality pavers & supplies for great prices. We carry top name brands like Belgard & Basalite. If you are working with a professional construction company, stop by our stone yard first to choose your favorite materials, then send your contractor in to us to purchase exactly what it is that you want.

We have become a favorite among construction companies, landscaping contractors and professional masons. We cater to commercial clients completing everything from new builds, additions, landscape designs, or small masonry projects. Our stone yard is a one stop shop and includes Belgard & Basalite pavers, so you can get everything you need to complete your project right here. Feel free to send your customers in so they can choose out their favorite materials before you come in to purchase your supplies.

Whatever your preferences or project, our staff will work with you to get you what you need at the best price. Stop by to pick the brain of our knowledgeable staff and view our full selection.

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