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River Rock / Cobble / Noiya

We supply Cobble and Noiya river rock for customers in Central California, including Fresno, Clovis CA, Madera CA, Merced CA, Sanger CA, Carmel CA, Salinas CA and the San Luis Obispo area.

River rock has many decorative uses for landscaping from creating an attractive border around buildings and walkways to fashioning a lovely dry stream through your lawn. In southern California’s dry climate, incorporating river rock into your landscape design is an excellent way to reduce your water usage.

Up to 50% of the water you use during the summer may be going to feed your landscaping. With the importance of conversing water, it is smart to find ways to add beauty and character to your lawn without adding extra plant life. River rock is a natural choice. Many varieties of river rock are native to California and will compliment your natural terrain.

River rock is a sedimentary rock that has been smoothed by glacial waters and shifting streams. Its mineral grains and veins add character to each stone. Like all natural rock, the color and shape vary between each individual stone making every one unique.

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One of the greatest benefits of river rock is that it will retain its beauty for decades, unlike landscaping bark that has to be replaced every 1 to 4 years. Using it to fill in landscaping beds will reduce your maintenance costs without detracting from the beauty of your flower bed. Along with giving you an attractive alternative to extensive foliage, river rock also helps to conserve water by protecting soil from the harsh rays of the sun that evaporate water. While primarily used in landscaping, river rock can be used to create attractive veneer on walls, hearths and fireplaces

We carry Cobble and Noiya sized river rock. They are excellent for commercial and residential projects. Stop by our location to see their rich tones in person or contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about our selection. Along with our excellent customer service, we offer delivery service to our customers from coastal California to the mountains.

Catering to both homeowners & professional contractors alike, we provide a good selection of river rock at fair prices. Homeowners working with a professional construction company can visit our stone yard to pick out their favorite materials before sending in their contractors to purchase supplies. Masons and landscaping or construction companies can feel free to send clients in to speak with our knowledgeable professionals who can assist them with selecting the best River Rock options for an upcoming home improvement project. Over 43 years at the same location, we ensure that each client receives top quality service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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