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Natural Stone

We sell Natural Stone & other landscaping supplies to clients throughout Central & Southern CA from Fresno to San Francisco and Santa Barbara to Sacramento including Clovis CA, Porterville CA, Los Banos CA, Selma CA, Turlock CA and more.

Natural stone has been used in construction for thousands of years. In Europe, monuments of stone architecture still stand as testaments to its beauty and strength. Roads made from natural stone centuries ago are still used by people today. The timeless aesthetics of natural stone, along with its durability, are why it continues to be a top choice for residential, commercial and landscaping projects.

Formed from minerals over long periods of time, all natural stone is unique with different veins of color, subtle color variations and varying striations. The countless anomalies in natural stone ensure that each stone has a slightly different tone or texture. While natural stone will never be as uniform as manufactured stone, these “imperfections” are what make natural stone such a wonderful medium for creating lasting designs that reflect your distinct style.

We carry natural stone veneer, interlocking precut stone flooring, flagstone and landscaping stone that have been quarried from 8 states (OK, PA, AZ, ID, CO, MT, CA & TX) so that you can enhance your project with the oldest, most reliable construction material. Our selection of natural stone includes Bouquet Canyon, Ledgestone, Honey Ledge, Blue Cobble, Bajah Stone, Rocky Mountain Quartz and much more. We pride ourselves in having one of the widest selections of natural stone in the San Joaquin Valley.

Stop by our supply yard to view our wide selection of natural stone. Photographs cannot do justice to the rich tonal qualities and distinct textures of natural stone. To learn more about the benefits of using natural stone or find out what stone would be best for your project, speak to one of our staff members. We love to share the wisdom that we’ve gleaned and point you in the right direction.  We work hard to offer high quality products at affordable prices, which homeowners & professional contractors can appreciate alike.

Whether you are a DIY homeowner or are working side by side with a professional landscaper or mason contractor, we are your best choice for Natural Stone. Get the perfect color, style & texture to complete a truly unique look in your next home project. Visit our stone yard to pick out your favorite materials, then send your contractor in to buy the natural stone you will need to complete your project. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to point you in the right direction & will help you find the perfect options.

Our wide selection of natural stone has made us a favorite among professional contractors. We have exactly the colors & textures to get the job done! Our regular commercial customers often send their clients in to pick out their favorite natural stone materials, then come to us for great prices & quick delivery on those materials. Whether you are completing a brand new build, an addition, a walkway, wall or patio, you'll find exactly what you need.

Our friendly and helpful professionals are here to help with everything from selecting products, to delivery & more, so stop by our stone yard, view our huge selection of landscaping materials and speak with our experts. With over 43 years at the same location, we ensure that each client, whether that's homeowners or professionals, receives top quality service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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