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Sack Material

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We carry a full line of Sack Material including concrete, cement & mortar for residents and commercial contractors in Fresno, Mendota CA, Los Banos CA, Dinuba CA, Parlier CA, Lemoore CA, Porterville CA, Concoran CA, Avenal CA, and more!

Whether you are doing landscaping or construction, working on a commercial project or a residence, it is essential to have the right supplies for the job. This is why we carry a broad selection of concrete, cement, mortar and other sack materials.


Our stock includes:

Riverside Regular Cement

This is a sulfate-resistant, all-purpose cement that generates less heat in the hydration process and meets Type I, II and V specifications. Commonly it is used for foundations, reinforced concrete buildings, precast concrete, prestressed concrete, pavement, sidewalks, walkways and patios.

Riverside Plastic Cement

This cement had undergone an inter-grinding process with plasticizing agents to improve its pumping capabilities and workability. Commonly it is used for stucco, mortar and plaster.

Riverside White Cement

This cement has been manufactured to be white when dry. Commonly it is used for architectural panels, terrazzo surfaces, precast curtain walls, decorative grouts, decorative mortars, stucco, cement paint, roofing tile and swimming pool plaster.


This is added to mortars to improve bonding and workability.

Green Stripe Fireclay

This medium-fine ground clay has yellow oxidation and brown reduction.

Redi-Mix Concrete

This mixture of cement stone, sand and water is an excellent pre-mixed concrete for a wide range of projects.

Calcium Chloride

This has proven to speed up the cure rate for concrete; it can reduce set time by up to two-thirds.

Rapid-Crete Waterproof

This fast setting, ready-to-use patching material is excellent for interior and exterior projects.

Thin Set – Grey

This can be used over light commercial concrete floors or interior and exterior walls of residences and commercial buildings.

Premix Veneer Mortar

This mortar can be used right out of the container to bond veneer. It is premixed and can be cleaned up with water.

Premix SVM 300 Veneer

This premixed mortar for veneer is formulated to provide superior bond for commercial and residential projects.

Premix Grout Aid

This ready-to-use grout is an excellent alternative to traditional grout. It is resistant to shrinking, cracking and staining. It is recommended for grout restoration.

Mortar Mix Premix – Colors

These colored premixed mortars are excellent for decorative stone, concrete, block and brick construction.

Mortar Mix Type M

This mortar mix has the highest amount of Portland cement. Its compression strength can be up to 2,500 pounds per square inch but it has poor adhesion. Since it is capable of bearing heavy loads, it is ideal for foundations, retaining walls and driveways.

Mortar Mix Type N

This mortar mix has less Portland cement than Type M and has a medium compression strength. It is preferred for soft stone masonry, exteriors and above-grade walls that are exposed to high heat and severe weather.

Gator Dust – Tan & Grey

This polymeric stone dust is used for stone joints. It is easy to install without a trowel and offers a natural stone finish that is firm yet flexible. It is available in tan and grey.

Super Sand – Tan & Grey

This polymeric sand is used for wetcast, natural stone joints and concrete pavers. It does not stain pavers and helps to prevent erosion and weed growth. It is available in tan and grey.

We cater to homeowners and professional contractors alike:

Homeowners can visit us to find the perfect Sack Material for their next project, whether that’s White Cement, Plastic Cement, Readi-Mix Concrete, Fireclay, or Thin Set. We can direct you to the best selection and even help you figure out exactly what amount you will need to complete your final look. Projects big and small will get a custom look with any of our easy-to-use sack materials.

Contractors have come to rely on us to provide them with the best quality Sack Materials and supplies at the best prices. We offer fast delivery and our wide selection of materials, from Gator Dust to Mortar Mix, Fireclay & Redi-Mix will help get the job done. Many of our commercial clients even send their customers to our huge supply yard so we can assist them with selecting their favorite materials.

To view our full selection of bagged products, stop by our supply yard. If you do not see what you need, speak to one of our friendly staff members. We will be happy to help you find what you need.

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